At Apice, we also offer a technical project service for the hospitality sector and technological services capable of promoting an idea or a product towards the virtues of current technology.

We carry out stock control through a QR reader system capable of establishing mechanisms for the services that your company requires

Repair of the refrigerated beer tanks used by our world-class customers, giving them a second life

Thanks to our engineering team, we carry out technical projects to intervene with the service on your premises or product

our profits

Proactive IoT

Giving you the business intelligence you need to streamline your operations. From failure prediction to capturing new earnings

Cloud services

Be everywhere, all the time. Cloud computing helps you stay fast, flexible, and connected


Quickly adapt your customer interface to individual markets with our fast cloud-enabled location

Software design

We love coding, it’s what gets us going in the morning. We rigorously code and test, test, test

Hardware development

Open valves, activate pumps, detect signals, record button presses, and adjust lighting. Just some of the things we like to do

System architecture

Operating systems, programming languages, cloud platforms, OMG! Get the best platform for your IoT project

success stories

Meet our technology partner

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