At Apice, we work on comprehensive projects for exclusive facilities or equipment adapted to your needs and the location in which they are located.

In our turnkey jobs, we include decorative elements, furniture, civil works, installations, assembly and commissioning. We take care of everything

For this, from the first moment, we work with our client, adapting to their needs and showing virtual proposals until their approval



Proyectos decorativos 

Nos centramos en conocer a nuestros clientes y plantearles una solución a sus necesidades y objetivos, creando nuevos espacios sorprendentes y acogedores

Obra civil

Estudiamos las soluciones de obra civil adecuadas para llevar a cabo una reforma en el espacio a intervenir. Gestión centralizada integral para su comodidad. 


Igualmente, todas las nuevas instalaciones o modificaciones respecto a las redes de abastecimiento, saneamiento o iluminación son cosa nuestra


Among all the comprehensive management we take on in our projects, we include furniture. We have the best suppliers on the market


As the manufacturers that we are, apice manages all the implementation of necessary household appliances, as well as the manufacture of exclusive equipment for its installation

Key on hand

The management of all areas leads us to work with turnkey projects. For this, you will only have to worry and enjoy once the work is finished

our projects



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