The Apice product range consists of a complete offer in different finishes and configuration possibilities for the hospitality market.

We offer products based on an exclusive design, capable of providing added value and visibility, together with its industrial cooling capacity.

With the experience of our technicians and state-of-the-art machinery, we are able to offer a highly competitive product with a competent price



Ad hoc dimensions

Our products adapt to the space of your premises, you do not have to search for that product for your space. Consider it to be a product made for you

A la carte design

Our collaborators provide us with their own designs and ideas and we study together with them feasibility and solutions to carry them out

For your real needs

We carry out the configuration of technical parameters of our products according to the needs of the client, for a real and optimal use of service

Premium finishes

We work with finishes of pure materials, such as stainless steel (gloss or matte), copper or brass, depending on availability in our range of products

RAL letter finishes

We can offer solid color finishes with epoxy paint treatment on most of our products. Must be after consultation for availability

Products tested

Before proceeding to the delivery and installation of the product at its destination, we take care of supervising and verifying that the operation is correct.


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